Morningstar’s comprehensive collection of features is specifically designed for the North American OBC industry.

  • Volume Discounts – Create discount schedules for copies/prints
  • Marketing Plans – Manage pre-sold services bundles with monthly limits
  • Email Invoices
  • Service Agreement Reminders – Automate Renewals and/or Price Escalations
  • Move-In Proration's
  • Agreement Charge Audit – Access history of charges
  • Client Level Price Overrides
  • Packages – "One Price" invoice presentation for office services bundles while internally separating charges.
  • Client Interaction Notes History – Features flexible user-defined categories to fit your business
  • Collection Reminder Emails –
  • Automated Late Charges – Assess flat rate or percentage of invoice
  • Supports Accrual and Cash Basis Accounting
  • Daily Charge Activity Entry – Charges are entered as they occur in the center thus eliminating double-entry into XLS
  • Duplicate Invoice Generation
Resource Management
  • Manage Meeting Rooms – Manage room allowances by space type, hours or by dollars used
  • Two-Tiered Cancellation Policy
  • Three-Tiered pricing – Set rates for volume. For instance: $20/hr for usages less than 4 hrs, $18/hr for usage between 4 and 8 hrs, 16/hr for usage over 8 hrs
  • Single Schedule Minimum and Maximum Billing Hours
  • Supports User-defined ancillary amenities
  • Confirmation and Reminder emails
  • After Hours Pricing and Service Triggers – Extend price discounts for after-hours and/or automated after-hour fees for staff overtime etc.
  • Room Utilization statistics
  • Tour List
  • Recurring Meetings
  • Tightly Integrated with invoicing
  • Supports Flexible Room Configurations – Prevent double-booking of rooms with flexible partitions
Sales and Marketing
  • Color-Coded Sales Home Page
  • Prospect Capture Web Service API – Populate leads directly to sales database from Client Web Site
  • Sales Activity Reporting
  • Optional Daily Reminder Emails
  • Lost Opportunity Follow-Up – Set reminders at specific intervals to follow-up on a previously marked dead lead
  • Weekly calendar
  • Customizable Sales Home Page – Use MorningStar's tiered Structure to provide manager's and owner's access to all or portions of sales opportunities
  • Email Templates – Easy generation of contact emails.
  • Upload Word Service Agreements – Auto populate/merge for proposals.
  • Occupancy
  • Trend Reports – See client, locations, revenue categories, markets, regions, full company – rolling 12 month trends
  • Monthly Revenue Analysis
  • Month to Month Comparisons
  • Data Miner – Create views or lists of information for web page display and/or Excel download
  • Sales Analysis Statistics
  • Marketing Analysis Statistics
  • Accounting Reports – Track cash receipts, monthly revenue journal entries (cash and/or accrual)
  • Client Transaction Histories

MorningStar is centered around the management of business centers.

Marketing & Sales and Resource modules

Allows tracking of future clients and automatic generation of proposals. New clients are automatically set up in the billing module.

Prospect Capture Web Interface

Allows web inquiries to be automatically posted to the sales modules. Statistics are presented that help determine sales and marketing effectiveness.

Resource Module

Provides scheduling for meeting rooms. It's tightly integrated with billing.Your client allowances are automatically tracked and you can analyze resource effectiveness and utilization.