MorningStar clients take advantage of volume pricing at FedEx to provide both pricing power and ease of data management. Shipments made online at are electronically routed to the center billing database and in most cases directly to the end-users invoice. No need to reconcile shipments on a FedEx invoice back to the client invoice. MorningStar provides an electronic reconciliation for you. You always know what you paid for shipments and what they were re-billed for. Various pricing strategies can be used, all of which, automatically price each shipment per your pricing formula.

There is no cost or risk, it is that simple.




MorningStar is centered around the management of business centers.

Marketing & Sales and Resource modules

Allows tracking of future clients and automatic generation of proposals. New clients are automatically set up in the billing module.

Prospect Capture Web Interface

Allows web inquiries to be automatically posted to the sales modules. Statistics are presented that help determine sales and marketing effectiveness.

Resource Module

Provides scheduling for meeting rooms. It's tightly integrated with billing.Your client allowances are automatically tracked and you can analyze resource effectiveness and utilization.